Mark A. Hershkovitz

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Mark A. Hershkovitz is an American curator and biochemist. This author is usually abbreviated «Hershk.» when citing a botanical name.

Taxa by M A Hershkovitz[change | change source]

Calandrinia jompomae[1]

Cistanthe amaranthoides (Phil.)Carolin ex Hershk.[2]

C arenaria (Cham.) Carolin ex Hershk.

C calycina Carolin ex Hershk.

C.celosioides (Phil.)Carolin ex Hershk.

C.cephalophora (I.M.Johnston)Carolin ex Hershk.

C.coquimbensis (Barneoud)Carolin ex Hershk.

C.cymosa(Phil.) Hershk.

C densiflora (Barnéoud)Hershk.


Works[change | change source]

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Hershkovitz M.A., Arroyo M.T.K, Bell C., and Hinojosa L.F 2006 Phylogeny of Chaetanthera (Asteraceae: Mutisieae) reveals both ancient and recent origins of the high elevation lineages Archived 2019-05-05 at the Wayback Machine Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 41: 594-605.

References[change | change source]

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