Mary C. Daly

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Mary C. Daly

Marcy C. Daly is an American economist. On October 1, 2018, she became the 13th President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (San Francisco Fed).[1] She also works on the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee on a rotating basis.[2] Daly started working for the San Francisco Fed in 1996. She was its Executive Vice President and Director of Research. She later became its President and CEO.[1]

Early life[change | change source]

Daly was born in Ballwin, Missouri. Her father was a postal worker and her mother was a homemaker.[3] She was a good student, but she had money problems and quit school at 15.[3][4] By age 16 she was living alone, working to earn full-time pay.[5][6]

Career and education[change | change source]

Daly went on to earn a high school equivalency diploma (GED).[4] She received a bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 1985 and a master's degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1987. She went on to earn a Ph.D in economics from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University in 1994. She also completed a post-doctoral fellowship at National Institute of Aging at Northwestern University in 1996.[1][4]

Her research is in macroeconomics and labor economics. She has published work on many economic topics.[1][7] Daly has also worked to increase diversity and inclusion within the Federal Reserve System and in the field of economics.[1][3]

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