Mating system

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Chimpanzees have a promiscuous mating system
Male and female gorilla, gorillas have a polygynous mating system

Mating system is a term form biology, to describe the sexual behaviour of a group of animals. It basically describes which males and females in a group mate.

  • Monogamy: One male mates with one female. There is the case, that this lasts for one season only, or the case that the pair bond (as it is called) lasts for life:
  • Polygamy
    • Polygyny: One male has a sexual relationship with two or more females. In vertebrates, this seems to be the most common type
    • Polyandry: One female has a relationship with more than one male
  • Promiscuity: A member of one sex mates with any other member of the same group, of the opposite sex