Maxïmo Park

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Maxïmo Park
Maxïmo Park in 2005
Maxïmo Park in 2005
Background information
OriginNewcastle, England
GenresIndie rock
Post-punk revival
Years active2001–present
LabelsWarp Records
MembersPaul Smith
Duncan Lloyd
Archis Tiku
Lukas Wooller
Tom English
Maximo Park at Leeds Festival 2005

Maxïmo Park (sometimes spelled Maximo Park) are an English indie rock band who formed in 2001.

History[change | change source]

Maxïmo Park formed in 2001 (with frontman Paul Smith coming from Billingham in Teesside). To Start off with, the four founding members played only a little amount small shows, with Archis Tiku on vocals, constantly switching the instruments he played. Almost about to split up, but instead they decided to look for somebody else to sing vocals. Singer Paul Smith was discovered by the then-girlfriend of drummer Tom English in a pub while he was singing along to a Stevie Wonder song. Having found someone with a stage presence, they started to write their first songs together, all despite the fact that the frontman never imagined himself as a frontman of a band. Paul Smith had never sung on stage before.

Around March 2004, a friend of the band's paid for 300 copies of a 7" red vinyl single "Graffiti" and later released a vinyl of their tracks ("The Coast Is Always Changing"/"The Night I Lost My Head") that they’d recorded in their house in Fenham. After some time of doing shows around their home town, Steve Beckett of the dance-electronic label Warp Records found one of these records and decided to sign Maxïmo Park to his record label.

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Discography[change | change source]

Albums[change | change source]

  • A Certain Trigger
  • Missing Songs
  • Our Earthly Pleasures

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