Maximilien de Robespierre

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A portrait of de Robespierre, by an unknown painter

Maximilian Robespierre is one of the best-known leaders of the French Revolution. He was born in Arras, France and he went to school to become a lawyer and got his degree at law school. He also, got elected to the Estates General to help make laws for France and fought against the French Monarchy, the death penalty, slavery, for democratic reforms and the people to have more power. He helped gain a reputation for defending the poor society. Also he earned a nickname for sticking to his moral values. Later was elected president of the powerful Jacobin political faction.

Maximillian led the committee of public safety during 1793. Through it, he successfully tried to execute the king through the committee of public safety. Even though Robespierre got thousands of people executed, Robespierre cared about the working class.

He executed King Louis XVI because he was convicted of treason (treason is the betrayal of ones own country). Under the advice of Robespierre the committee of public safety came to control France. The period that the Committee of Public Safety ruled France is known as “The Reign of Terror” and Maximilian Robespierre was their leader. Robespierre was caught and executed with 21 of his followers with a guillotine. The National Convention were the people who overthrew Maximilien Robespierre.