Meaning of life

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Many religions, viewpoints, and creative artists have tried to find the meaning of life, but have no sensible answer. Some people say that we will never know what the meaning of life is. Many religions claim to offer some answers. There are also sets of ideas called philosophies which try to answer this question. There are also artists who paint or create sculptures to try expressing life. There are musicians who write music and writers who write stories that try to explain life.

Many have different opinions on what the meaning is. Some say life is a war zone where we are the soldiers fighting in that war for survival. Some think it is all about the relationships that we make in our life. Some people say that life is full of violence and hatred but some say that life is full of hope and happiness. Still, other people say that the meaning of life is to achieve the goals you set in life. According to Douglas Adams, the answer to the question is 42. The biological answer is to have children, which is to pass on your genes. Others say the meaning of life is simply to live your life to the fullest. Some say, however, the meaning of life is simply to give life a meaning. However, life can also be an illusion, or maybe a mere mirror of a different universe. Maybe we really don't have any control over our or the universe's actions, since we are all just imitating a different universe. We can never really know. Philosophies such as nihilism and absurdism deny that life has any meaning. Or maybe the true meaning of life is to live it completely how you want to, then find out the meaning of it at the end. The meaning could be unique to all of us.

Others, like Solomon, argue that 'life is useless'. (Ecclesiastes 1:2)

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