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Meppel is a city and a municipality in the north east of the Netherlands (in the province Drenthe). On January 1, 2007 it had about 31,063 inhabitants. It has a density of 558/km² (1,445.2/sq mi). The timezone in Meppel is CET.

History[change | change source]

Meppel received city rights in 1644. It is the oldest town of Drenthe.

In the World War II almost all the Jews of Meppel were killed. 232 of the 250 were killed, so 18 survived it. Now there is a monument in Meppel for all those who died.

Municipality[change | change source]

These are the cities in the municipality of Meppel.

City Population of 1 January 2004
Meppel 26.380
Nijeveen 2660
Kolderveen 250
Kolderveense Bovenboer 140
Rogat 130
Nijeveense Bovenboer 120