Mersin Province

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Mersin Province is a province in southern Turkey. It is on the Mediterranean coast between Antalya and Adana.

Name[change | change source]

In 2002, the province's name was changed from İçel to Mersin. The province retained the license plate number of 33, İçel having been the 33rd in the alphabetical order of Turkish province names.

Geography[change | change source]

87% of the land area is mountain. About 50% of the population of the province is younger than 24 years of age. 68% were born in Mersin. The literacy rate is 89%.

Districts[change | change source]

Districts of Mersin Province

Mersin Province is divided into thirteen districts. Four of them are actually included within the municipality of Mersin city (shown in boldface letters).

Population of the province[change | change source]

In the table below, the four second-level municipalities are merged within Mersin proper.

Name of the district Population
(urban area)
(district total,
including rural area)
Mersin 842,230 888,803
Anamur 34,227 62,702
Aydıncık 8,004 11,651
Bozyazı 15,615 26,295
Çamlıyayla 2,861 9,847
Erdemli 45,241 125,391
Gülnar 8,357 19,141
Mut 28,966 63,673
Silifke 51,684 113,404
Tarsus 233,436 308,681