Messerschmitt Me 163

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Messerschmitt Me 163
Role Fighter aircraft
Manufacturer Messerschmitt
First flight 1941
Introduction 1945
Retired 1945 (Luftwaffe)
Primary user Luftwaffe
Number built 370

The Messerschmitt Me 163 is a German military aircraft used during World War II. It was a rocket-powered aircraft. It was designed by Lippisch.[1]

The plane weighed 4200 pounds when it was empty and almost 10,000 pounds when it was full. It could fly 560 miles per hour. During the last part of World War II, Messerchmitts fought B-17 bombers over Germany. About 18 B-17s were shot down and about 10 Messerschmitts were shot down.[1]

The fuel the Messerschmitts used sometimes exploded.[1]

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