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Michal was a person in the Books of Samuel. She was the daughter of King Saul.

First Book of Samuel

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Michal was in love with David so Saul told David he could marry Michal if he killed 100 Philistines and brought back their foreskins. David killed 200 so Saul let David marry Michal.

Then when Saul wanted to kill David, Michal helped him escape and hid a statue in his bed that she pretended was David but sick. Saul was angry with Michal for helping David so she lied that David threatened to kill her. So Saul sent her away to marry a man named Paltiel.

Second Book of Samuel

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After Saul died and David became king of the Tribe of Judah, Michal left Paltiel and came back to David. After David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem and danced in front of it, Michal criticized him for dancing like a commoner because her father would never do something like that. David said that all he was doing was celebrating and honouring G-d. After that, G-d decided that Michal couldn’t have any more children.

The Midrash

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The Midrash says that Doeg the Edomite convinced Saul that David was basically dead and so Michal could marry another person without adultery and so Saul sent her to Paltiel but she didn’t have sex with him since she was loyal to David.