Michel Aflaq

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Michel Aflaq
Secretary General of the National Command of the Iraq-based Ba'ath Party
In office
February 1968 – 23 June 1989
DeputyAhmed Hassan al-Bakr
Preceded byNone–post established
Succeeded bySaddam Hussein
Secretary General of the National Command of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party
In office
1954 – April 1965
Preceded byNone–post established
Succeeded byMunif al-Razzaz
Personal details
Born9 January 1910
Damascus, Ottoman Syria
Died23 June 1989 (age 79)
Paris, France
Political partyArab Ba'ath Movement (1940–1947)
Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party (1947–1966)
Iraq-based Ba'ath Party (1968–1989)

Michel Aflaq (Arabic: ميشيل عفلق‎, Arabic pronunciation: [miːʃeːl ʕaflaq], 9 January 1910 – 23 June 1989) was a Syrian philosopher, sociologist and Arab nationalist. He is considered to be the principal founder of Ba'athism.