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Michio Kaku
Born January 24, 1947 (1947-01-24) (age 67)
San Jose, California
Fields Theoretical physics
Known for String theory

Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist who is well renowned on the Science Channel, particularly for Sci-Fi Science.[1] He is known as a "sci-fi fan" on the SC.[2]

Childhood[change | edit source]

Michio was born in San Jose, California.[3] As a child, he took judo lessons.[4] When he grew older, he graduated from college with a summa cum laude degree.[5]

Fields[change | edit source]

Theoretical physics[change | edit source]

Michio is famous for his major field, theoretical physics.[6]

Sci-fi[change | edit source]

Sci-fi is another field Michio studied.[7] Some episodes of Sci-Fi Science, for instance, ponder alien invasion of the planet, or a new solar system.

String Theory[change | edit source]

The string theory is another thing that Kaku studied.[8]

Current[change | edit source]

Michio continues to study theoretical physics, and release new Sci-Fi Science episodes.

Other professions[change | edit source]

Futurist[change | edit source]

A futurist is a notable scientist who can seemingly predict the future. Futurists often use PPPW to evaluate the future. The "three Ps and one W" represent, to futurists, "plausible", "possible", and "preferable". The "W" stands for "wildcard"(random) events.[9]

Science Popularizer[change | edit source]

A science popularizer, or a popularizer of science, is one who captures the scientific method and accuracy to preserve the language in the name of science.[10]

Author[change | edit source]

Michio Kaku was also a famous author. He wrote books such as Physics of the Impossible and Hyperspace, Beyond Einstein, and Parallel Worlds.[11]

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