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Micro black hole

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Micro black holes are very small black holes. Because they are small, they may shrink and disappear due to Hawking radiation.[1] They may exist in nature as primordial black holes.

Detection[change | change source]

If a micro black hole decays, it would create particles that we could see.[2][3] The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope is looking for gamma rays that might come from micro black holes in outer space.

Man-made black holes[change | change source]

If two particles with enough energy collide, they may create a black hole. Some scientists think the LHC can create one.[2][3][4][5][6]

Safety[change | change source]

If the LHC did create a micro black hole, it would disappear immediately, and would not be dangerous.[1] Cosmic rays hitting the Earth's atmosphere may already create these. If dangerous micro black holes are created by cosmic rays, then the Earth would already be damaged. Because the Earth is not damaged by black holes, scientists think they are not dangerous. This thought is like the Anthropic principle.

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