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Microsoft 4Afrika is a market development engine in Africa started by Microsoft to create technology for the world by using talent of Africans.[1] Microsoft 4Afrika invests in World-class skills, Access and Innovation. [2][3] It was launched in February 2013.[4] Microsoft launched 4Afrika Initiative in Rwanda on 3 April 2013.[5]

This project of 75 million USD aims to increase internet accessibility via smart devices, educate the African web developers and promote new Africentric technologies.[6] Since 2013, 4Afrika is investing on the entrepreneurs, youth, small businesses[7], governments and markets. Microsoft partnered with Kenya's Ministry of Information and Communication and Indigo Telecom to reach underserved communities via solar-powered base stations.[2] University of the People has a partnership with Microsoft 4Afrika to offer scholarships to study towards an associate’s degree in University.[8]  4Afrika helps developers create and monetise their applications, and gain experience working with senior software developers in a number of programmes. It provides internships for the youth and education youth.[9][10][11][12] Microsoft 4Afrika with Wollo University and Tulane University – Center for Global Health Equity (CGHE) launched AppFactory Academy in Ethiopia for Wollo University IT graduates, and related computing discipline graduates.[13]

Microsoft 4Afrika camps in the following African countries:[4]

Microsoft 4Afrika signed partnership with Tony Elumelu Foundation to provide tools, resources and mentorship to entrepreneurs enrolled in entrepreneurship programme of foundation.[14]

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