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Microsoft Family Safety
Logo until 2013-2015
Logo until 2013-2015
The website of Family Safety Center in February 19, 2016
The website of Family Safety Center in February 19, 2016
Developer(s)Microsoft Corporation
Initial releaseEarly 2007; 10 years later
Operating systemWindows Vista and later

Microsoft family features (also known product name is Microsoft Family Safety and Windows Live Family Safety) was an programmer succesor Parental Controls about in Windows 10 PC, this features has introduced on early 2007 after release Windows Vista. In Windows 7, Microsoft Family Safety has replace is Parental Controls and Windows 8 is Windows Live Family Safety has added in Windows Live Essentials 2012.

History and pubilc[change | change source]

The first of Microsoft Family Safety has introduced in January 29 and January 30, 2007, the first day ago after release the personal computer operating system, Windows Vista, which was release next to release Microsoft Family Safety. In February 8, 2007. Microsoft announced that Microsoft Family Safety has running for Windows Vista operating system and has running replace in Parental Controls and Windows Live Messenger. However, in October 25, 2009. Microsoft announced Windows 7 has added Family Safety but was replaced is Parental Controls.

In October 8, 2012. First Windows 8 by Microsoft added Windows Live Family Safety, later. Microsoft Family Safety for all operating system was discontinued on July 27, 2012 and replaced by Windows Live Family Safety. In November 16, 2012. Microsoft introduced Family Safety Center for website, such smillar to Windows Live Family Safety and Microsoft Family Safety. In July 30, 2015. Windows Live Family Safety first added by Windows 10 PC, but nows is discontinued features, replaced for Family Safety Center in Microsoft website.

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