Mikhail Lermontov

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Mikhail Lermontov
Mikhail Lermontov in 1837
Mikhail Lermontov in 1837
Born10 (1814)
Moscow, Russian Empire
DiedJuly 27, 1841(1841-07-27) (aged 26)
Pyatigorsk, Russian Empire
OccupationSoldier, Poet, Novelist, artist
PeriodPosthumous publication
GenreRomanticism, poetry


Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov was Russian poet, writer, dramaturge, painter and officer. Mikhail Lermontov was born on October 15 (October 3 in old style) in 1814 in Moscow. He died on July 25 (July 18) in 1841 in Pyatigorsk.

Life[change | change source]

M. Lermontov was born in the family of a captain Yury Petrovich Lermontov and Mary Mikhailovna Lermontova. There was bad situation in his family: his parents sweared each other.
Lermontov's mother had died very early and his grandmother became a parent for Mikhail without his father.
When Lermontov was a child, he lived on land, which Arseneva held, in the region of Penza. He was studying at home. He knew French and German quite well since he was a child. In the summer of 1825, Lermontov and his grandmother had visited waters of Caucasus. Later, he wrote poems about nature and people of Caucasus like "Caucasus" and "Blue waters of Caucasus, I greet you...". In 1827 his family had moved to Moscow. In 1828 Lermontov had humanitarian education. In 1828-1829 he wrote poems "Corsair", "The criminal", "Oleg" and others. In March of 1830, the Moscow boarding house, where Lermontov studied, became a classical school. In 1830 Lermontov left for a summer classical school. Then he spent time in country Serednikovo near Moscow, held by Stolypins. At the same year poet became a student of a Moscow university. In 1832 he went to Saint Petersburg. He became a student of Nicolay's cavalry college. After he had finished his studying he went to Caucasus. He arrived from Caucasus with lots of poems. Lermontov died in a duel with Martynov Nikolay Solomonovich in Pyatigorsk.

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