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For the television series, see Hannah Montana
Miley Stewart
Hannah Montana character
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Full nameMiley Ray Stewart
AliasesHannah Montana
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Miley Ray Stewart,[1] or Hannah Montana is a fictional character played by Miley Cyrus on the Disney Channel television show Hannah Montana. She is the main character in the series. Hannah Montana is about Miley Stewart, a teenage school girl who, at night, lives as a pop star, Hannah Montana.

Biography[change | change source]

Miley Stewart is an ordinary teenager who has two lives, one as a school girl, the other as a pop star, Hannah Montana. She is from Tennessee, but now lives in California with her father Robby Ray, and brother Jackson. Robby was a singer like Miley, and now lives two lives as her father, and manager and producer.[2][3]

Miley's mother died when she was young.>[4] Roxy is Hannah Montana's bodyguard who protects the family, whether they want her to or not.[5]

When Miley arrives at Seaview Middle School, she meets her best friends, Lilly Truscott and Oliver Oken. Lilly finds out that Miley is Hannah Montana in the first episode, when she breaks into Hannah's dressing room. In the second episode, Oliver's crush on Hannah Montana is shown, and because of this, Miley tells him her secret. In the second season, she begins to go to her brother's high school with Lilly and Oliver.[6] Because of her two lives, Miley often has problems (such as sleeping in late on a school day after a concert).[7]

Personality[change | change source]

Miley's enemies are Amber Addison (Shanica Knowles) and Ashley Dewitt (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle), who are constantly mean to her and her friends, but are huge fans of Hannah Montana. Later, she gets used to her school, and meets a famous actor, Jake Ryan. She has an on and off relationship with him.

Miley is famous for saying some phrases, such as "Ya think?!" whenever someone says the obvious, and "Sweet niblets!", when worried and scared. If someone says something crazy, Miley or Hannah will say something like "'Washed up ballplayer say what?'" as in Bye Bye Ball.

Miley also has a stuffed bear named Beary who has been seen in many episodes. She has had Beary since she was three (as revealed in Me and Rico down by the schoolyard. Beary was destroyed in the episode "Bye Bye Ball", when Jackson was trying to kill a wasp, but Jackson was later able to fix him.

People who know Hannah's secret[change | change source]

It has been shown that Miley's friends and most members of the Stewart family know that Miley is Hannah Montana. Below is the list of people mentioned in the series that know Miley's secret.

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