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Mine, mines, miners or mining may refer to:

Extraction or digging[change | change source]

  • Miner, a person engaged in mining or digging
  • Mining, extraction of mineral resources from the ground through a mine

Grammar[change | change source]

Military[change | change source]

  • Anti-tank mine, a land mine made for use against armored vehicles
  • Antipersonnel mine, a land mine targeting people walking around, either with explosives or poison gas
  • Bangalore mine, colloquial name for the Bangalore torpedo, a man-portable explosive device for clearing a path through wire obstacles and land mines
  • Cluster bomb, an aerial bomb which releases many small submunitions, which often act as mines
  • Land mine, explosive mines placed under or on the ground
  • Mining (military), digging under a fortified military position to penetrate its defenses
  • Naval mine, or sea mine, a mine at sea, either floating or on the sea bed, often dropped via parachute from aircraft, or otherwise lain by surface ships or submarines
  • Parachute mine, an air-dropped "sea mine" falling gently under a parachute, used as a high-capacity cheaply-cased large bomb against ground targets

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Given name[change | change source]

  • Mine Ercan (born 1978), Turkish women's wheelchair basketball player
  • Miné Okubo (1912–2001), American artist and writer

Nickname[change | change source]

  • Mine Boy, nickname of Alex Levinsky (1910–1990), NHL hockey player

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