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A cocktail dress decorated with metal discs by Paco Rabanne, 1967

The mini-skirt, or miniskirt, is a skirt well above the knees, close to the buttocks. If the top and skirt are all-in-one, then it is a minidress. Microskirts are extremely brief, and usually worn only for publicity events.

Mini-skirts were invented by Mary Quant, who also invented, or promoted, hot pants. There is disagreement as to who came up with the idea first; some say André Courrèges or John Bates.[1] The short- and ever-shorter skirt was evolving already among fashion-minded young women: the designers who adapted it just helped spread the style. In Quant's case, she gave it the name. Mary Quant named the mini-skirt after her favorite make of car, the Mini.[2] She loved the car so much, she had one designed especially for her.

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