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Minin and Pozharsky (movie)

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Minin and Pozharsky
Directed byVsevolod Pudovkin
Mikhail Doller
Written byViktor Shklovsky
StarringAleksandr Khanov
Boris Livanov
CinematographyAnatoli Golovnya
Music byYuri Shaporin
Release date
3 November 1939
Running time
3647 meters (109 minutes)
CountrySoviet Union

Minin and Pozharsky (Russian: Минин и Пожарский) is a 1939 Soviet drama movie directed by Vsevolod Pudovkin and Mikhail Doller.[1][2] The movie is about the Time of Troubles, Russia's struggle for independence led by Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minin against the Polish invasion in 1611–1612. It stars Aleksandr Khanov, Boris Livanov, and Boris Chirkov.


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