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Miriam [ mir-ee-uhm ][1] is a female given name. Miriam is a name that boasts a fascinating history and significance, while also being aesthetically pleasing. Its popularity spans centuries and it remains prevalent in modern times. The name evokes connotations of power, elegance, and attractiveness. Originating from Hebrew, the name Miriam translates to "wished-for child" or "bitterness." This is derived from the Hebrew word "mar," meaning "bitter." In accordance with biblical accounts, Miriam served as an influential figure and played the role of an older sister to both Moses and Aaron. She was also regarded as a prophetess and a key leader for the Israelites during their pilgrimage through the desert.[2] This name was ranked #261 on the US Popular Names in 2021.[3]

According to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament, Miriam was the older sister of Moses. She was a prophet and first appears in the Book of Exodus.

People[change | change source]

  • Miriam Margolyes, English actress
  • Miriam Makeba, South African singer and civil rights activist (1932–2008)
  • Miriam Akavia, Polish-born Israeli writer and translator, a Holocaust survivor, and the president of the Platform for Jewish-Polish Dialogue

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