Mirza Mahdi Elahi Qomshehei

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Mirza Mahdi Elahi Qomshehei (Persian: میرزا مهدی الهی قمشه‌ای ; January 1, 1901 – May 15, 1973), was an Iranian poet, translator of the Quran, and one of the grand Masters of the philosophical school of Tehran. He taught in Sepahsalar School, University of Tehran for 35 years.

Education[change | change source]

He was under supervision of Grand masters from different cities such as Esfahan, Najaf, Mashhad and Tehran.

Teachers[change | change source]

He had various teachers, such as Molla Muhammad Mahdi Farzaneh Qomshehei, Hasan Amin Jafari. Sheikh Muhammad Hakim Khorasani, Sayyed Hassan Modarres, Aqa Bozorge Hakim, The Grand Ayatollah Haji Aqa Hossein Qommi, Sheikh Asadollah Yazdi, Fazil, Fazin Barsi, Hajj Mirza Hasan Faqih Sabzevari Khorasani, Mirza Mahdi Esfahani, Mirza Tahir Tonekaboni.

Career[change | change source]

His Persian translation of the Quran is one of the most used, the most authentic and proper Persian translation of the Quran until the current 21st century. The translation was also honoured by the Grand Ayatollah Bojnourdi.

Pupils[change | change source]

His pupils includes Allameh Hasanzadeh, Allameh Abdollah Javadi-Amoli, Ayatollah Hajj Sayyed Muhammad Hasan Langroudi, Ayatollah Sayyed Razi Shirazi, Kazim Midir Shahnehchi, D.R Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Hojjati, Muhammad Baqir Muhaqiq, Sheikh Abdul Rahim Malakian.

Works[change | change source]

He wrote numerous books and notes in diverse religious sciences. Including:

  • Translation of Quran
  • Selected of Commentaries
  • Notes on Abul Fotuh Al Razi's commentary's in 10 volumes
  • Divine wisdom
  • The explanation of fosus Al-Hikmah of Al-Farabi
  • The philosophy of Al-Farabi
  • The Divine Unity of Sages
  • Mystical courses of Alavid's school
  • Treatise in universal philosophy
  • Treatise in degrees of love