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Piscina Mirablilis, a cistern built in Roman times, to support the fleet. This cistern is located in Misenum

Misenum (modern-day Miseno) is a small commune near Naples, Italy. Today, Miseno is part of Bacoli. Miseno is at the end of the Gulf of Naples. The city has a long history. Originally, Misenum was part of Cumae. It was devastated by Hannibal, in the year 214 BC.

Today, it is mostly known for its beaches. The best-known sight is the Piscina Mirabilis, a water reservoir, of about 70m by 30m which the Romans constructed to support the fleet.

The current landscape around Misenum is characterized by hills and crater lakes. It is the result of the volcanic activity of the Phlegraean Fields.