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Misogyny is the hatred of women, or the belief that women should be kept down at a lower place in society, under the control of men. Using sexist ideas and violence against women, misogyny punishes women who try to rise in society. A society or a system that sets men above women is called patriarchy. Misogyny supports patriarchy by constantly keeping women under men.[1] Sometimes misogyny rewards women for accepting a lower place.

Misogyny is a very old idea. It can be seen in stories, religion, laws, and customs around the world. It is both a belief held by individuals, and a social custom or system. A misogynist is a person who hates women. Misogynists may hate women because they believe there is something wrong with them, such as being stupid, dirty or evil. Some misogynists claim to love women, or certain women, while keeping them at a lower place.[1]

When women practice misogyny on themselves or each other, this is called internalized misogyny. Women who have internalized misogyny may view other women as an enemy. This may damage friendships among women.[2]

There are some communities that have been described as misogynist such as the manosphere.[3]

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