Mog (Judith Kerr)

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Mog, is the main character in a series of books for children. The author is Judith Kerr. In the series Mog was well loved by Mr and Mrs Thomas (Mog's owners) and their two children Nicky and Debbie. In the books Mog, a cat, would often get into a difficult situation with a new character or event.

Mog died of old age in the final book, Goodbye, Mog and goes to heaven. It was published in 2002.[1] It is not usual for a pet to die in stories for young children just learning to read. Kerr said ""I don't think it was so much about killing off Mog, as rather doing something about dying...and being remembered."[2]

New book for charity[change | change source]

In November 2015, Mog came back as a CGI character for the 2015 Christmas video advert for the supermarket, Sainsbury's. In Mog's Christmas Calamity Mog accidentally starts a fire in her house after having a bad dream. She saves her family by calling firefighters by running across the telephone and dialing the emergency number. She is a hero for saving her owners, and is later given an egg as a treat. A special plush Mog and book version of the story were sold at Sainsbury's, with all profits being donated to Save the Children's child literacy work.[3][4]

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