Mohammed Al-Mfarah

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Mohammed Al-Mfarah, also known as Abu Samah (Arabic: محمد المفرح) (May 20, 1945 – January 23, 2018), was a Saudi Arabian actor, playwright, director and producer. He was born in Al-Zilfi, Saudi Arabia. He worked at the ministry of health and submitted his resignation in 1975.

Al-Mfarah was known for his movie roles in Al-Saknat Fe Klobna (English: The inhabitants in our hearts), Secretary in the House, Ahtarq Al-Samah (English: Candle burning), and Abo Samah Fe Fanaq Al-Samrine (English: Abu Samah in Al-Samaren Hotel). He also appeared in the plays Al-Mohsan (English: Enhanced) and Bokor Wa kolampor (English: Incense and Kualalumpur).

Al-Mfarah died in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on January 23, 2018 of laryngeal cancer at the age of 72.[1]

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