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Origin Unknown
Voiced By None
Fighting Style Mokujin-Ken/Mimicry
Age Unknown
Blood Type Sap
Height 5'10"
Weight 210 lbs
Occupation Training dummy
Hobby Mimicry
Likes Mimicry
Dislikes Unknown

Mokujin is a character made for the Tekken series. It first appeared in Tekken 3.

History[change | change source]

Tekken 3[change | change source]

Mokujin is a training dummy made from a 2000 year old oak tree.

Mokujin has been kept in a museum for a long time, but when Ogre woke up, Mokujin started to move. Some people say that it wakes up every once in a while to help martial artists but only God and Mokujin know.

(Mokujin) fun fact- watch the movie Shaolin Wooden Men (Jackie Chan circa 1976) and you'll see "mokujin" in the 2nd. part of the opening sequence long before tekken began in 1994! Enjoy! Shh!on.(tm)

Tekken 5/Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection[change | change source]

Mokujin was a wooden dummy made from white oak that was used to train martial artists.

Mokujin started to move all of a sudden two years ago, but ceased moving after Ogre was defeated by Jin Kazama. When returned to the museum, Mokujin's face seemed to be smiling.

Once again, Mokujin has started to move upon the emergence of a powerful entity...

Will Mokujin ever be free?