Molucca Sea

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Location of the Molucca Sea within Southeast Asia
Celebes See.jpg

Coordinates: 0°25′S 125°25′E / 0.417°S 125.417°E / -0.417; 125.417

The Molucca Sea is in the western Pacific Ocean, within the country of Indonesia. The region is rich in coral and has many diving sites.

Location[change | change source]

The Molucca Sea borders the Banda Sea to the south and the Celebes Sea to the north.

The islands bordering the Molucca Sea include Halmahera to the north east, Buru and Ceram in the centre, and Sulawesi to the west. The Talaud Islands to the north are the general limit of the sea. The Molucca Sea Plate, the tectonic plate named after the sea, goes further north.

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