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The word monitor is a Latin word for warner or suggester. The many uses of the word are listed below.

Display technology[change | change source]

  • A computer monitor (display screen)
  • A medical monitor, or any other hardware device that measures electrical events, such as a heart rate monitor
  • A speaker used on stage (facing the musicians) or in a studio to enable musicians to hear what is being performed
  • A video monitor, a television-like device used in studio, lab or test environments
  • A baby monitor, which lets parents hear what happens in their babies room from other parts of the house

Roles or positions[change | change source]

Warships[change | change source]

  • USS Monitor, the ironclad warship of the American Civil War
  • A monitor (warship), a type of ship based on the USS Monitor and built by several navies for coastal defense in the 1860s and 1870s. It reappeared in a different form during the World War I and lasted until the end of World War II
  • A river monitor, the strongest type of river warships

Other meanings[change | change source]

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