Montes Taurus

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Montes Taurus
Montes Taurus (LRO).png
Highest point
Elevation3.0 km
ListingLunar mountains
Coordinates27°19′N 40°20′E / 27.32°N 40.34°E / 27.32; 40.34 (Montes Taurus)
English translationTaurus Mountains
Language of nameLatin
Locationthe Moon

Montes Taurus is a mountainous region on the Moon. These peaks are on a highland region to the east of the Mare Serenitatis, in the northeastern quadrant of the Moon's near side. The selenographic coordinates of this range are 27°19′N 40°20′E / 27.32°N 40.34°E / 27.32; 40.34 (Montes Taurus), and they have a diameter about 170 km. Some of the peaks within the range achieve heights of 3.0 km.

A number of craters lie within this range. At the southwestern edge of the range is Römer crater, and Newcomb crater is in the northeastern section. Several satellite craters also lie throughout the Montes Taurus.

The Montes Taurus were named by Johannes Hevelius for the Taurus mountains in southern Turkey.