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The Moscow Zoo is a zoo in Moscow, Russia. It is one of the ten largest zoos in the world. It covers 53 acres (21 ha) (in 2013). The zoo holds over 6,000 individual animals, of 927 species (in 2013). The zoo opened in 1864. The most recent exhibits include a sea aquarium, an aviary, a sea lion exhibit, and children's attractions. A footbridge connects the two parts of the zoo that are separated by Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street.

Moscow Zoo Museum[change | change source]

Founded in 2008 in a two-storey building of the 19th century, built in the late XIX - early XX centuries, located on the territory of the zoo. Since 2015, the museum has been open to the public and everyone. In the central and side halls there is an exposition devoted to the history of the Moscow Zoo and a natural science permanent exposition. The collection of the museum includes more than 10,000 zoo coat of arms from all over the world, hundreds of paintings, sculptures and drawings by the masters of Russian animalistics, such as Vasily Vatagin, Alexei Komarov, Vadim Trofimov, Andrei Marts and Alexei Tsvetkov.[1][2][3]

Research & Educational Center[change | change source]

The Moscow Zoo has her own educational institute. In addition to full-training for zoo staff and teachers, there is a continuing education program for zoo and aquarium staff, veterinarians, teachers and volunteers, as well as courses in zoo psychology. Since the Moscow Zoo has been chairman of all zoos in Russia since the Soviet period, it is a national training center. It was founded in 2017 by the current director Svetlana Akulova and Björn Stenvers.[4][5]

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