Mount Alayta

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Mount Alayta
Alayta shield volcano.jpg
Alayta in 1999
Highest point
Elevation1,496 m (4,908 ft) [1]
ListingList of volcanoes in Ethiopia
Coordinates12°53′N 40°34′E / 12.883°N 40.567°E / 12.883; 40.567Coordinates: 12°53′N 40°34′E / 12.883°N 40.567°E / 12.883; 40.567
Mountain typeShield volcano[2]
Last eruption1915

Mount Alatya is a 1,496 metres (4,908 ft) shield volcano in Ethiopia.[1][3] It produced significant lava flows in the early 1900s.[4] The last eruption was in 1915.[5]

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