Mount Kailash

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Mount Kailash
Mount Kailash from the south
Highest point
Elevation6,638 m (21,778 ft)
Prominence1,319 m (4,327 ft)
Coordinates31°4′0″N 81°18′45″E / 31.06667°N 81.31250°E / 31.06667; 81.31250Coordinates: 31°4′0″N 81°18′45″E / 31.06667°N 81.31250°E / 31.06667; 81.31250
Native name[གངས་རིན་པོ་ཆེ] Error: {{Native name}}: missing language tag (help)  (language?)
Parent rangeGangdisê Range
First ascentUnclimbed

Mount Kailash is a 6,638 metres (21,778 ft) mountain in the Gangdise Shan mountain range in Tibet.[1] Mount Kailash is also known as Kangrinboqe and Gongdisi Shan.[2]

In Hinduism and Buddhism, Kailash, or Mt. Meru, is sacred.[3][1] Hindus believe Kailash is the home of Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati and sons Ganesh and Kartikeya. Hindus believe that it is impossible to climb to Kailash, but every year pilgrims come to Tibet to walk around it.[3] The Tibetan people believe that people should not climb Mount Kailash.[4] It is believed to have never been climbed.

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