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The Mozilla Public License (MPL) is a free and open source software license developed and maintained by the Mozilla Foundation.[1] It is a weak copyleft, characterized as a middle ground between permissive free software licenses and the GNU General Public License (GPL), that seeks to balance the concerns of proprietary and open source developers.[2] As such, it allows re-licensing. MPL software can thus be converted into a copyleft license such as the GPL, or to a proprietary license (example:KaiOS).

It has undergone two revisions,[3] a minor update to version 1.1, and a major update to version 2.0 with the goals of greater simplicity and better compatibility with other licenses.[4]

The MPL is the license for Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, and most other Mozilla software,[5] but it has been used by others, such as Adobe to license their Flex product line,[6] and The Document Foundation to license LibreOffice 4.0 (also on LGPL 3+).[7][8] Version 1.1 was adapted by several projects to form derivative licenses like Sun Microsystems' own Common Development and Distribution License.[9]

The MPL license was approved as an Open Source software license by the Open Source Initiative also as a Free Software license by the Free Software Foundation.

Version 1.0 was created by Mitchell Baker when she was working as a lawyer at Netscape Communications Corporation and version 1.1 when she was working at the Mozilla Foundation.[10]

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