Mucho Barato

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Mucho Barato is the first album by Control Machete, a Mexican hip hop group. It came out in 1997 and sold 100,000 copies in Mexico, and 400,000 in Latin America. The single Comprendes Mendes? became very popular and was a radio hit all over Latin America.

List of songs[change | change source]

  1. "Control Machete"
  2. "Comprendes Mendes?"
  3. "Las Fabulosas I"
  4. "Andamos Armados"
  5. "Humanos Mexicanos"
  6. "Cheve"
  7. "Madrugada Encore"
  8. "Asi Son Mis Dias"
  9. "Te Aprovechas del Limite?"
  10. "Justo 'N"
  11. "La Copa de Dama"
  12. "Lupita"
  13. "Grin-Gosano"
  14. "Únete Pueblo"
  15. "Las Fabulosas II"
  16. "El Son Divo"
  17. "Marioneta"
  18. "Mexican Curious" (Bonus track)