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Al Muharraq
View of Muharraq with the skyline of Manama in the background
Coordinates: 26°15′N 50°37′E / 26.25°N 50.617°E / 26.25; 50.617Coordinates: 26°15′N 50°37′E / 26.25°N 50.617°E / 26.25; 50.617
Country Bahrain
Governorate Al Muharraq Governorate
Population (2010)
 • Total 109 695 [2]

Muharraq (meaning Place of Ashes), is Bahrain's third largest city. It was the capital until 1923. The Muharraq Town was replaced by Manama as the capital of Bahrain.[1][2]

The city is on Muharraq Island. Bahrain International Airport is located on the island.

Muharraq is home to Muharraq Club, which is Bahrain's most successful football club. The city is also known for its traditional market, or souq, and as a home of traditional arts and music. Ali Bahar, a popular and successful Bahraini singer is from Muharraq.

Gulf Air[3] and Bahrain Air[4] have headquarters in Muharraq.

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