Murrumbidgee River

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The Murrumbidgee at Gundagai
Physical characteristics
 - locationAustralian Alps at
35°39′47″S 149°08′00″E / 35.66306°S 149.13333°E / -35.66306; 149.13333[1]
 - elevation1600 m
Mouthjoins with the Murray River
Length1400 km
Basin size80,000 square kilometres (31,000 square miles)
The Murrumbidgee is a major tributary of the Murray River

The Murrumbidgee River is a big river in New South Wales, Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory. It joins in with the Murray River. The word Murrumbidgee is from the Wiradjuri language (Indigenous Australian) and means "big water", "track goes down here" or "very good place".[2] There are many large towns built next to the river, Gundagai, Wagga Wagga, Narrandera, Hay and Balranald.

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