Nagqu Prefecture

Coordinates: 31°30′N 92°00′E / 31.500°N 92.000°E / 31.500; 92.000
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Nagqu Prefecture in Tibet Autonomous Region

Nagqu Prefecture (also Naqu or Nagchu); Nàqū Dìqū) is the largest prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region.[1] In 2001 Nagqu had a population of 363,000 and an area of 450,000 km².

County divisions of the Nagqu Prefecture[change | change source]

The prefecture is divided into eleven different counties. Nagchu County contains the capital of Nagqu. The other counties are Lhari County, Biru County, Nyainrong County, Amdo County, Xainza County, Sog County, Baingoin County, Baqên County, Nyima County and Shuanghu Special District. Nearly half of the land in Tibet is in this area.[1]

31°30′N 92°00′E / 31.500°N 92.000°E / 31.500; 92.000

References[change | change source]

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