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Scientific classification
G. ocularis
Binomial name
Graphiurus ocularis
(Smith, 1829)

The namtap or spectacled dormouse (Graphiurus ocularis) is a species of rodent in the Gliridae family, and one of the four Dormouse species which are endemic to South Africa.

The namtap has a bushy tale like a squirrel, a fairly short muzzle (the part of the Dormouse's head which includes the nose, mouth and jaws), small ears and soft fur. Its face has white and grey marks, with dark rings (like spectacles) around its eyes. Its cheeks, underparts and the upper surfaces of its paws are white. Its tail is usually has a white tip.

It is only found in western South Africa. It can usually be found in rocky habitats, as well as in trees and outbuildings. It is nocturnal and it is good at climbing. It mainly eats seeds, other plant material and invertebrates.

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