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Nanalan' is a Canadian television show broadcast by the CBC in Canada and by PBS in the US, created by The Grogs. Its target audience is preschool kids and (according to the CBC) Nanalan' is "designed to foster children's curiosity and love of learning, with the hope they will carry it with them as they grow". Excerpts from the show also air on Fox Kids UK.

Nanalan' began airing in 1999. In 2004, it was nominated for the following three Gemini Awards: Best Performance in a Pre-School Program or Series; Best Writing in a Children's or Youth Program or Series; and Best Pre-School Program or Series. Nanalan' won Best writing and Best performance, an award shared by Jamie Shannon (the voice of Mona), Jason Hopley (the voice of Nana and Russell), Marty Stelnick (the voice of Mrs. Bea), Todd Doldersum (the voice of Mr. Wooka), and Ali Eisner (the performer of Russell).

Several compilation DVDs of the show and a CD of musical highlights are also available.

The main character is a green puppet named Mona. She is known for her lollipop and orange Nana, who is Mona's main caretaker.