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Nam with Leftheris

Naomi Nari Nam (born July 6, 1985 in Anaheim, California) is a figure skater from the United States.

Nam was a very good skater as a child. She won the silver medal (second place) at the 1999 United States national championships behind Michelle Kwan at age 13. She would have normally gone to the World Championships after doing this, but she was too young according to the rules. She could have gone if she had won a medal at the World Junior Championships, but that was the last year the World Junior Championships were held before Nationals and Nam did not go to those championships.

Nam had a bad career after this. She had an injury in her hip and had to stop skating as a single skater.

In 2005, she started skating as a pairs skater with Themistocles Leftheris. They placed 5th at the 2006 Nationals, a very good result for a new team. They won the bronze medal (third place) at the 2006 Skate America competition, which was even more good. They won the bronze at the 2007 Nationals and then placed 6th at the 2007 Four Continents.

Naomi Nari Nam is a very graceful and flexible skater. She and Leftheris are a good pairs team. They do very hard jumps for a pairs team, which is helped by Nam's good singles career.

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