National Assembly of Belarus

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The National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus is the parliament of Belarus. The two parts of the National Assembly are:

The houses meet every year. The first session starts October 2. It cannot be more than 80 days. The second session starts April 2. It does not last more than 90 days. Sometimes the President can have them meet a third time.

Council of the Republic[change | change source]

The Council of the Republic is the upper house. It has 64 members. The members are based geographically. Eight members of the Council are picked by the President of Belarus. The remaining members are elected by secret vote: eight members of the Council are elected from each of the country's regions and Minsk City. Members must aged 30 and more and live in the region they are elected from for at least five years.

Speakers of the Council of the Republic[change | change source]

House of Representatives[change | change source]

The House of Representatives is the lower house. It has 110 deputies. Any citizen of 21 years is eligible for election.

Speakers of the House of Representatives[change | change source]

Name Entered Office Left Office
Anatoly Malofeyev December 28, 1996 November 21, 2000
Vadim Popov November 21, 2000 November 16, 2004
Vladimir Konoplev November 16, 2004 October 2, 2007
Vadim Popov October 2, 2007 October 27, 2008
Vladimir Andreichenko October 27, 2008 Present

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