National Library of the Czech Republic

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National Library
of the Czech Republic
Clementinum library.jpg
Baroque library hall in the National Library of the Czech Republic
CountryCzech Republic
TypeNational library
Established1777 (243 years ago) (1777)
LocationClementinum, Prague
Coordinates50°5′14.62″N 14°25′2.58″E / 50.0873944°N 14.4173833°E / 50.0873944; 14.4173833Coordinates: 50°5′14.62″N 14°25′2.58″E / 50.0873944°N 14.4173833°E / 50.0873944; 14.4173833
Size7,358,308 total items[1]
21,271 manuscripts[1]
c. 4,200 incunabula[2]
Other information
DirectorMartin Kocanda

The National Library of the Czech Republic (Czech: Národní knihovna České republiky) is the central library of the Czech Republic. The main part of the library is in the Clementinum building of Prague.[3]

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