Nemesis (mythology)

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A statue of nemesis in the Getty villa
A statue of Nemesis, found in Egypt, in the 2nd century AD

Nemesis (in Greek, Νέμεσις) is the Greek goddess of giving people what they deserve (revenge and retribution against arrogance) and Balance of luck. Nemesis also has wings and is the daughter of Chiron. She has a balance or scale, which she uses to make sure that every person gets the same amount of good and luck.

Nemesis often is seen with another goddess named Aidos. Aidos is the goddess of shame. She is similar to Nemesis.[1]

The Ancient Greek made different meanings for what they called "justice":

  • Nemesis (as a goddess who gives to each what they deserve)
  • Dike (to be in charge of what we would call civil law today)
  • Dikaiosyne ("a just state," where the word justice comes from, meaning that everything is fair in their country)
  • Nomos (a law made by the government)

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