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Neopets is a website that lets its users create virtual pets, and take care of them. The site was created on November 15 1999, and has hundreds of millions of users. [1][2] The website is owned by Jumpstart. Most of the pets that the user can create are not real animals, but are based upon real animals. Neopets has story plots, chat boards, and different things that users can do with their neopets. Many people of many different ages join Neopets. The site has many games that the user can play. Neopets has a help section to find answers to many of the questions that users may have. The games length varies from a minute or less to saveable games like neoquest that take more than 10 hours total to complete.

Pets[change | change source]

A person can make a pet and then feed it by playing games and getting money, or by visiting places to get free food once they have less than 3000 np (Neopoints). They can get items and clothes for their pets. They can get special items called paint brushes which change the color of the pet to a different special color

once you turn thirteen, you may Customize your web page... and get new stuff

Default avatars[change | change source]

Default avatars are the easiest type of avatar to get. Once a person creates an account on Neopets, they get to use the default avatars without having to do anything. Default avatars are mainly the different pets that can be used on the site and certain faeries.

Clickable avatars[change | change source]

Clickable avatars are the second easiest avatar to get. To earn a Clickable, the user must go to a certain place on the site. Once the user has gone to that page, they get a message that says they can use that avatar.

Avatars that are earned[change | change source]

Many avatars have to be earned. These are the avatars that people want most. These avatars are the hardest to get. These avatars may be gotten in many different ways. For example, getting a certain score in a game, buying a specific item, looking up a pet, refreshing, or getting a set amount of "Neopoints (money) used on the site).

Fan sites[change | change source]

There are many websites created by Neopet users to help other players. These sites help with information about how to play games and how to get avatars. There are also many sites for users to find ways to change the look of the pages that tell about themselves and their pets.

References[change | change source]

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