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Netball in the 2006 Commonwealth Games

Netball is a sport played in two teams of seven. It is like basketball except that bouncing the ball is not allowed. The player cannot step with the ball either, nor hold it for more than three seconds. The game proceeds by players throwing (passing) the ball to each other until one attempts to throw it through the hoop, known as a "shot".

There are 7 fixed positions on the court, which restrict the places where each player is allowed to go:

  • C - Centre
  • WA - Wing attack
  • WD - Wing defence
  • GD - Goal defence
  • GK - Goal keeper
  • GS - Goal shooter
  • GA - Goal attack
A relief carving. It is at Great Barr School. The school is in Birmingham, England. It shows girls playing netball.

There are many rules in netball some of which are these:

  • If a shooter attempts to shoot the ball but misses the hoop without it touching, then the shooter must wait until another player touches the ball first or until the ball bounces before she can touch the ball again.
  • A player can only hold the ball for three seconds - held ball
  • No stepping with the ball - stepping
  • When defending, a player must be 3 feet from the player with the ball - otherwise it is called obstruction
  • A player may not bounce the ball to herself - replay
  • A player may not contact another player - contact
  • A player may not enter a part of the court where her position is not allowed - offside
  • When shooting or defending, a player may not use the pole as support - free pass to the other teams.
  • No player is allowed to shoot from outside the semi circle or pass over a third.

Playing court[change | change source]

A netball court is 30.5m long and 15.25m wide. The longer sides are called the side lines and the shorter sides the goal lines. The court is divided into three equal parts, a centre third and two goal thirds. These sections are marked by two transverse lines parallel to the goal lines. Each third measures 10.167m wide.

The goal circle is a semi‑circle 4.9m in radius and its centre is the midpoint of the goal line. The centre circle is 0.9m in diameter and is marked in the centre of the court.

All lines are part of the court and 50mm wide, preferably white. It is recommended that they are a textured, water‑based acrylic, straight and have clean, crisp edges.