Nieuport 11

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Nieuport 11
Nieuport XI Bébé.JPG
Nieuport 11
Role Fighter
Manufacturer Nieuport
Designer Gustave Delage
Introduction 5 January 1916
Retired Summer of 1917
Status Used as a trainer until the end of the First World War[1]
Primary users Aéronautique Militaire
Corpo Aeronautico Militare (Italy), Imperial Russian Air Service
Variants Nieuport 16 and 17
Nieuport-Macchi 11.000 drawing

The Nieuport 11 is a French single-engine biplane fighter aircraft used during World War I that allowed France to defeat the German Fokker Eindeckers. It sometimes called "Bébé" (the French word for baby) due to its small size. A more powerful version, the Nieuport 16 was also built, leading to a series of fighters that served into the 1920s.

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