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Nightwish live in Melbourne, Australia, on 30 January 2008
Nightwish live in Melbourne, Australia, on 30 January 2008
Background information
OriginKitee, Finland
GenresSymphonic metal, Alternative metal, Gothic metal, power metal
Years active1996 – present
LabelsSpinefarm, Nuclear Blast, Roadrunner, NEMS Enterprises, Century Media, Drakkar Entertainment
MembersFloor Jansen
Tuomas Holopainen
Emppu Vuorinen
Kai Hahto
Troy Donockley
Past member(s)Tarja Turunen
Sami Vänskä
Anette Olzon
Jukka Nevalainen
Marco Hietala

Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Finland. They formed in July 1996 and played acoustic mood music. The band's keyboardist and composer Tuomas Holopainen had the idea of forming a band. He asked Tarja Turunen to sing and Emppu Vuorinen to play guitar.

At the beginning of 1997, the band started playing stronger music. Jukka Nevalainen joined the band to play the drums. Vuorinen used an electric guitar instead of an acoustic guitar. In May 1997, Nightwish signed a contract (binding agreement) with Spinefarm Records and they released their first album 'Angels Fall First'.

In 1998, Sami Vänskä joined the band to play bass guitar. The same year Nightwish released 'Oceanborn', which was quite different to 'Angels Fall First'.

In May 2000 they released 'Wishmaster', which was similar to 'Oceanborn'. They also entered the contest to be Finland's representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song 'Sleepwalker'. They won the phone vote but the judges disagreed so they came second.

The other band members asked Tarja to leave the group in 2005 after their "End of an Era" tour. Tuomas wrote an open letter to her, stating the reasons why she had to leave. He then put the letter on the official website. In 2007, Swedish singer Anette Olzon became the new singer, and Nightwish released a single, 'Amaranth'. A few months later, they released the album 'Dark Passion Play'.

Discography[change | change source]

Albums[change | change source]

Singles[change | change source]

  • The Carpenter (1997)
  • Sacrament of Wilderness (1998)
  • Walking in the Air (1999)
  • Sleeping Sun (Four Ballads of the Eclipse) (1999)
  • Deep Silent Complete (2000)
  • Ever Dream (2002)
  • Bless the Child (2002)
  • Nemo (2004)
  • Wish I Had an Angel (2004)
  • Kuolema tekee taiteilijan (2004)
  • The Siren (2005)
  • Eva (2007)
  • Amaranth (2007)
  • Erämaan Viimeinen (2007)
  • Bye Bye Beautiful (2008)
  • The Islander (2008)
  • Storytime (2011)
  • The Crow, the Owl and the Dove (2012)
  • Élan (2015)
  • Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015)
  • Alpenglow (2015) (promo)
  • My Walden (2016) (12)
  • Noise (2020)
  • Harvest (2020)

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