Niki Fm

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"Niki FM"
Song by Hawthorne Heights
from the album The Silence in Black and White
GenreEmo, alternative rock
Hawthorne Heights singles chronology
"Ohio Is for Lovers"
"Niki FM"
"Silver Bullet"

"Niki FM" is a song by Hawthorne Heights. It is one of their most famous songs, and their second hit.

The band's singer, JT, says it is his most personal song from the album The Silence in Black and White, and is his favourite song to perform live in concert. They still play it at concerts, although without the harsh vocals that are on the single.

Music video[change | change source]

The music video for Niki FM starts with a room with a lot of people in. JT is at the front, and someone in the audience is touching someone's leg. The video also includes JT being kissed by another woman. It shows him in a room tearing a picture in two and he stares at it. He has a radio and goes outside the young woman's house to match with the lyrics "I'm outside of your window, with my radio". The girl walks away and leaves him, and the song finishes.