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This word is the opposite of the word Yes, a positive term

No is a negative term. It means someone is denying or turning away something. It can also be used in multiple figures of speech.

In both sentences and talking, the words "No" and the word "Not" can both be used, though the word "No" is mainly used when speaking to other people. In some cases, however, "Not" is not acceptable, and vice versa. These words are not to be confused with the similar sounding words know and knot.

Examples of proper usage of "No" and "Not":

  • Is this green? No, it is not.
  • There is no way round the back.
  • This is not the way (but there is another way).
  • I will not come.
  • Oh, no!
  • No, thank you.
  • Not on my watch!

Examples of improper usage of "No" and "Not":

  • That is no the way you do it.
  • Oh not!
  • I know how to tie a knot. (Disambiguation)
  • I didn't no that!